Wednesday, June 11, 2008

CADDIT Marketing Receives Praise from a Competitor

We don't normally do this. But I had to laugh when I saw the newest content ad from ailing Chinese IntelliCAD vendor, ZWCAD. Maybe because they targeted a market outside Australia, they thought we wouldn't see it here in Sydney?

Some background: CADDIT Asia-Pacific has been successfully raising awareness about a robust, low-cost AutoCAD Clone Software called progeCAD. One of the messages they have been doing this with for several months now is a paid image ad. This is our ad in question:

They say that imitation is the greatest flattery? Well, here is the new ad from Chinese competitor ZWCAD (RM stands for Malaysian Ringgit, btw):

We first saw this ad at . It looks like movies, software and patents aren't the the only thing the Chinese like to pirate :). Judge for yourself.

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